Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Frieze Art Fair

Coniston Youth club went to London to help at Frieze Art Fair. At the Art Fair we sold out of juicy bags and we made £1023 pounds just on juicy bags and we had a Honesty shop stall which made a lot of money as well (almost 2000 pounds). The juicy bags were made using homemade cordial and a soda stream. It was popular because it was in a plastic bag with a straw. While we were in London we all went on the London eye  it was amazing and had a great view of London, we also went on a night tour by bus and got to see all of London's tourist attractions. The strangest thing that happened was a policemen posed for us at downing street. It was much busier than I thought, most of the people we saw were from different countries and spoke different languages than us.

Opera Cabaret

On sunday the 7th october we had a fantastic opera singer call Dawn Furness, she had talents of a angel, her voice is one that you can not compare to anyone else. The youth club sold homemade ice cream,wine and tea all at £1 each.  Also we raised money for the youth group and it was the first time we watched opera.